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Welcome To  My Little Wonder!! My name is Liew Chia Sin.







This is ME!


I was born on 10th of April 1989 in Melacca. Currently, I am studying at INTI International

University College.

My major is Biochemistry and I am a student of American Degree Transfer Program.

Let me write something about myself. Well, I am an ordinary girl. I do not have big ambition.

For your knowledge, I lead a normal life and everything is simple for me.

To talk about hobbies, nothing is more prominent than bartending!! ^_^ Secondly,

it will be swimming. By the way, evaluating my own behavior is another inevitable homework that

I will remind myself of from day to day.Last but not least, sleeping is something

that essential to me too, you can never live without sleeping right?

I think most of you will agree with me.

Lastly,the issue that I concern most is for human being to live in a better world. I would like to urge

all of you to work towards this goal, strike together for everybody's welfare!!

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